I am a late bloomer. 

I came out to myself at the age of 42. A year later, I came out to my kids, ex-husband, friends and colleagues.

The first part--coming out to myself--was the hardest. It was confusing and lonely.  One day, I discovered a Yahoo group (remember Yahoo?) called Lateblooming Lesbians.  Reading their stories gave me faith, courage, and a whole lot of gratitude. I read stories from women who risked losing their children and their jobs by coming out. I also read incredible stories from women who had finally experienced their first passionate kiss at the tender age of 65..and up.  

Its been fourteen years since I stumbled onto that group, and I still feel like a teenager in many ways.  The Yahoo group is long gone, but I hope to meet some other LBLs on the internets.  It's never too late to meet your true self.